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Island Hardware  & Supply

Our Company at a Glance

Island Hardware & Supply

Here at Island Hardware, we are dedicated to you and all your different hardware needs.

We've been around for 50 years, supported by our wonderful loyal customer base.  We have 2400 private store charge accounts and we cherish each one of them.


Our Business recipe for success (sometimes known as a mission statement:)

1. Each employee is empowered to "make things right" with customers on their own. "No, the manager is not here right now," or "It's not my business, I just work here" excuses are not acceptable.

2. This concept is so simple that I just about didn't include it. It is, however, very important.Treat your customer as you would like to be treated. Sounds a lot like the Golden Rule, doesn't it? I warned you that it was simple, but it's, oh, so crucial.

3. Each employee receives his or her share of half of the business's profit. Checks are distributed every month and can make a retail clerk's wage into a living wage.  Hey, they made the profit so what's wrong with them getting some of it? The rest of the profit goes to taxes and community charities with some hidden under a rock for a rainy day. Okay, a tiny bit goes to maintaining the lavish life style of the owner with his old Jeeps and old RV.

4. There are about 4,000 lucky men, women, and children living on Orcas Island. We are fortunate to have over 2400 private store charge accounts! The good-hearted islanders who choose to shop with us and try to pay their bill each month are all "big shot" account holders, no matter how little they need to spend. We do ask them to come in expecting to have a good time and to leave with a bag of free popcorn and a smile.

5. Legally licensed contractors who are making their living and providing much needed good paying jobs on Orcas will always get special discounts and, yes, special treatment. They are the ones supporting the third largest chunk of our island's economy — the building industry.

6. Most of our advertising dollars are re-channeled into island charities. A good example of this is the thousands of dollars we used to spend on Yellow Page ads. That money now goes to "Koats For Kids" which provides hundreds of new insulated winter coats to small children on Orcas yearly. Each dollar we are able to invest in our island community improves the quality of life for all of us. It's a great investment.

7. Always try to hire people smarter than you. This is unavoidable and effortless for me with my small brain. Since I retired in 2002, this company has grown and prospered without the "all important" owner being there on a daily basis. I guess if you empower employees who are smarter than you to succeed on their own and share the fruits of their efforts with them, you don't need to be very important — just content, happy, and extremely proud of the results of this simple little recipe.